In the Contact Web Hosting web hosting control panel you’ll discover an intuitive site generator that you can make use of to set–up a brand new, stylish website all by yourself. It’s pretty simple to learn, even if you aren’t well versed in web development. The tool offers quite a lot of design templates found in a number of color configurations that you can tweak to your taste. And best of all, your site will appear perfect across any device!

The site generator is available with all Linux cloud web hosting service, VPS service, semi-dedicated hosting service, and Linux dedicated service offers which are pre–loaded with the Contact Web Hosting Web Site Control Panel.

A convenient–to–use site generator

No coding background is necessary

The site generator built into the Contact Web Hosting interface is extremely simple to use. It empowers you to develop your site with plain point and click actions. You do not have to have experience with HTML or other programming language. If you’ve so far used an app or simply a text editor, then you’ll know how to employ the site generator.

Via the tool’s interface, you can drag and drop page components to your taste and customize them with a mouse click. Besides, you can add images, videos, and even your own community portal, etc. in almost no time at all.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An array of simple–to–customize website themes

Attractive design themes that look perfect on mobile phones

It doesn’t matter what sort of site you choose to construct, the Contact Web Hosting’s site generator will offer a solution for you. It has a vast collection of free–of–charge website themes that are suitable for any type of sites – personal profiles, online stores, discussion forums, to name a few.

To make your site even more modern–looking right from the start you should check out the number of unique design layouts and color setups present along with each template. And best of all, each website template offers built–in support for well over a hundred web fonts which you can play with with just a mouse click. And last but not least, you’ll have complete access to a huge library of ready–made photos.

If you want to switch your template further down the road, all personalizations you’ve completed will be carried over to the new theme automatically.

An array of simple–to–customize website themes

Built–in help area and step–by–step video tutorials

See how quick & easy it actually is to launch a web presence

In case you want any sort of help employing the Contact Web Hosting’s site generator, there are a variety of step–by–step articles and video tutorials that are influenced by the most regularly asked questions.

With their help, you will be able to learn how to personalize your current website template, how to add new pages to a site or even how to add a blog.

And if you can’t discover the answer in there, you can reach out to us. We’re available to you at any moment and we answer to all tickets in under an hour, guaranteed.

Video Tutorials