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Covid-19 Travel in US: Restrictions State by State During Pandemic

The order does not apply to travelers from Maryland and Virginia who have not been in a high risk area in the previous two weeks. As of April 5, it also excludes visitors from Arizona, Arkansas, California, Guam, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Northern Mariana Islands, Oregon and the Virgin Islands. Florida […]

House Hunting in Portugal: A Light-Filled Retreat Near the Atlantic Coast

A Modern Five-Bedroom House in Sintra, Portugal $3.6 MILLION (3 MILLION EUROS) This contemporary villa sits on nearly three acres in the tourist-friendly town of Sintra, about three miles from Portugal’s southwestern coastline and about 25 miles west of Lisbon. Built in 2008 from concrete and glass, the approximately 10,700-square-foot house has five bedrooms and […]

Empty Middle Seats on Planes Cut Coronavirus Risk in Study

Keeping the middle seats vacant during a flight could reduce passengers’ exposure to airborne coronavirus by 23 to 57 percent, researchers reported in a new study that modeled how aerosolized viral particles spread through a simulated airplane cabin. “Farther is always better in terms of exposure,” said Byron Jones, a mechanical engineer at Kansas Sate […]

Can You Get a ‘Vaccine Passport’? And Other Questions, Answered

With all American adults soon to be eligible for Covid-19 vaccines and businesses and international borders reopening, a fierce debate has kicked off across the United States over whether a digital health certificate (often and somewhat misleadingly called a “vaccine passport”) should be required to prove immunization status. Currently, Americans are issued a white paper […]

Birds by the Billions: A Guide to Spring’s Avian Parade

At Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula, for instance, which abuts Willapa National Wildlife Refuge and Willapa Bay, you might catch sight of a pelagic species like a sooty shearwater, while hundreds of thousands of shorebirds like black-bellied plovers work the wet sand. If you’re extremely lucky, you might see an enigmatic marbled murrelet in an ancient […]