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FDA Panel Recommends RSV Shot to Protect Infants

The News A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended approval of a monoclonal antibody shot aimed at preventing a potentially lethal pathogen, respiratory syncytial virus, or R.S.V., in infants and vulnerable toddlers. The treatment, called Beyfortus by its developers Sanofi and AstraZeneca, would be the second such therapy that the F.D.A. has allowed to […]

Trump Turns to a Familiar Playbook in Effort to Undermine Documents Inquiry

As prosecutors entered what seemed to be the final stages of their investigation into former President Donald J. Trump’s handling of classified documents, Mr. Trump launched a pre-emptive strike against a possible indictment, posting a pair of messages on his social media platform early Thursday morning that sought to delegitimize the inquiry. Mr. Trump accused […]

GM’s Electric Vehicles Will Use Tesla’s Charging Network

General Motors on Thursday said it had reached a deal that would allow its electric vehicles to use Tesla’s extensive charging network. G.M. also said its future battery-powered models would use the charging plug standard pioneered by Tesla. The announcement, which came two weeks after Ford struck a comparable agreement, is likely to make Tesla’s […]

Louisiana Passes Bill That Would Require Parental Consent for Kids’ Online Accounts

Over the last year, state legislators concerned about a mental health crisis among the nation’s young people have passed a raft of children’s online safety measures. A new Utah law would require social networks to obtain a parent’s consent before giving an account to a child younger than 18 while a new California law would […]