I went into hospital for routine op but was left with horrific burns on my BUM

A PATIENT was left with horrific burns on his bum after a routine operation went wrong.

Paul Hickman had gone to Russells Hall Hospital in the West Midlands to improve the circulation in his leg.


Paul Hickman was left with burns on his bum after a routine op went wrongCredit: SWNS

But the 43-year-old was left in agony with burns covering his thighs and buttocks after a heated mattress was “wrongly used”.

Paul says he has now been scarred for life and is in constant pain following the ordeal last March.

He said: “It was a very worrying time and I obviously hoped that the surgery would go well.

“However, afterwards I remember just being in a lot of pain.

“When I was told that I had suffered burns, I was shocked and confused. I couldn’t understand how that had happened.

“The pain from the burns and scars I had all down the back of the tops of my legs was unbearable. I was in so much pain and painkillers didn’t really take the edge off.”

A Root Cause Analysis Report by Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust classed the horror as a “major incident”.

The Trust found an alcohol-based solution had been used during Paul’s pre-op, which combined with the “inappropriate use” of a heated mattress in surgery led to his injuries.

It also stated the “unusual combination created the ideal circumstances to create a significant burn” on Paul.

Paul is now considering taking legal action after it emerged another patient suffered burns in 2016 under the same circumstances.

Speaking about his injuries, he said: “While the burns are starting to heal I still have a lot of marks and scars where they have been and I’ve been told some of the scarring won’t disappear so will be with me for life.

“Because of the scars I now also have to sit differently and lean more to the side. They feel dry and scaly and I have to apply cream.

“What makes what happened to me even more shocking is hearing about the previous incident.

“I hope that by speaking out I can help prevent yet another similar incident happening. This has happened twice and I don’t want it to happen again.”

Law firm Irwin Mitchell is now representing Paul in his legal battle.

Solicitor Alexandra Roberts said: “The severity of the injuries Paul suffered needs to be acknowledged, with the Trust itself declaring what happened as a major incident.

“Understandably what happened to Paul has had a physical and mental impact upon him.

“What is particularly worrying is that the injuries he suffered came after a fellow patient was injured in a similar incident and the Trust had taken measures to apparently avoid a repeat of this happening.

“While it’s too late for Paul it is now vital that lessons are learned from what happened to Paul and that the Trust ensures its guidance is upheld at all times to maintain patient safety.”

The Sun Online has contacted the Trust for comment.

Paul claims he has been scarred for life


Paul claims he has been scarred for lifeCredit: SWNS
Alcohol used in pre-op combined with the heated mattress to cause the burns


Alcohol used in pre-op combined with the heated mattress to cause the burnsCredit: SWNS
Russells Hall Hospital declared it a major incident


Russells Hall Hospital declared it a major incidentCredit: SWNS

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