Coffee drinkers boiling with rage after three week delays to Nespresso pod deliveries


Coffee addicts are frothing with rage as they face delays of up to three weeks for the delivery of Nespresso coffee pods.

Apologising for the delay a Nespresso spokesman said: “Nespresso recently moved its UK warehouse and a number of system teething problems have unfortunately impacted delivery timeframes.”

However, customers do not seem to be pacified with many going online to roast the coffee company. Nespresso’s rating on Trustpilot has tumbled with over 1,000 one star reviews left by angry customers.

Many of the reviews complain not just about delays to delivery but that Nespresso has failed to properly respond when contacted about the issues.

One review left by Vanessa read: “What is going on?? You would accept this during the pandemic but not now… Nothing in the news or any updates on the website about warehouse moving or issues – really bad communication.”

“Tells us what is going on and we can adjust our expectations, keep trading as normal with no updates or reason why the service is so bad and you will lose customers!!”

Other customers have threatened to quit Nespresso altogether.

Dorval D wrote: “I’ve been ordering for years Nespresso. I was just preparing my next order and No more next day delivery and pick up! Looked on trust pilot and so many bad reviews!!!”

“So decided not to order and will wait to be able to go in store. If you keep on like this many people will not buy again and will switch to a bean to cup machine which I will in the future! Too much hassle!!!!”

Nespresso pods are special coffee filled capsules designed to be slotted into Nespresso coffee machines. British customers can only buy them online or at one of the 33 special Nespresso stores open in the UK.

Adding to customer woes Nestlé, the owner of Nespresso, has said it would raise prices this year.

Other coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines are available. However, Nespresso remains the most popular brand with an estimated 400 Nespresso pods consumed every second around the world.

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