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Our nan’s symptoms were misdiagnosed as a nut allergy before she died from lung cancer – we’re furious

[ad_1] A GRAN died of lung cancer after her symptoms were misdiagnosed as an allergy.  Jacqueline Richardson, 58, was given allergy tablets after complaining of neck swelling and aching arms in an over-the-phone appointment.  4 Jackie Richardson died of lung cancer after being misdiagnosed with an allergyCredit: Evening Gazette 4 Jackie with her daughters and […]

I broke my spine in two places and shrank by five inches – doctors told me it was back pain but I have incurable cancer

[ad_1] A WOMAN who broke her spine in two places and shrank by five inches was later told by doctors her back pain was actually an incurable cancer. Mum-of-two Karen Smith found out she had myeloma and now wants others to spot the symptoms of the rare disease to stop late diagnoses. 1 Karen Smith […]

Listening to AC/DC makes surgeons faster and more accurate, study finds

[ad_1] LISTENING to rockers AC/DC makes surgeons faster and more accurate, research reveals. Blasting their music through speakers almost doubled surgeons’ speed at certain tasks in the operating theatre — without affecting their exactness. 2 Listening to AC/DC makes surgeons faster and more accurate, a study foundCredit: Getty In trials, those listening to Highway To […]

More couples enjoying open relationships because they’re ‘bored with each other’

[ad_1] OPEN relationships have soared since the pandemic as couples grow bored with each other, a sex expert is claiming. Romantic burnout caused by spending too much time together during lockdowns has been blamed for lacklustre lovers starting to stray. 1 Sex therapist Dr Tammy Nelso said: ‘Couples are now keener than ever to spice […]

My daughter dismissed cancer symptoms as childbirth issues after giving birth to twins – she’ll never see them grow up

[ad_1] A MUM died after dismissing cancer symptoms as postnatal issues from giving birth to twins. Charity fundraiser Laura Stephenson, 36, thought her body was readjusting when she felt unwell until hospital scans showed stage four bowel cancer.  3 Laura Stephenson, who died after dismissing cancer symptoms as postnatal issuesCredit: MEN Media 3 Dad Mike […]

The Games aims to be Olympian but it’s a three-ring circus

[ad_1] OVER at the Lea Valley Athletics Centre, an emotional Christine McGuinness was sounding less like a 100-metre hurdler and more like Lee Harvey Oswald as she geared up for ITV’s latest celebrity challenge, this week. “The thought of the crowd, the people, the gun . . .” the grassy knoll, the CIA cover-up. 8 Christine McGuinness was […]

SIDS: What is sudden infant death syndrome and what causes it? – The Sun

[ad_1] RESEARCHERS at an Australian medical center said in May 2022 that they may have uncovered the underlying cause of sudden infant death syndrome. The condition, more commonly known as SIDS, is the unexplained death of an infant that occurs when they’re asleep. 2 SIDS is caused when a baby accidentally suffocates while asleep What […]