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What is coloboma, Madeleine McCann’s eye defect? What causes it and how rare is it? Here’s all you need to know

[ad_1] A uncommon trait noticed on Madeleine McCann on posters and TV after her disappearance only effects one in every 10,000 births. Her misshaped pupil is due to a condition called coloboma. But what does it mean and what are the effects? 1 The most common form of coloboma makes a person’s pupil look like […]

Most Brit parents think it’s for kids to pick their own food, survey says

[ad_1] A HILARIOUS video reveals the uncensored thoughts of kids on different foods, in the style of celebrity TV judges – with a surprise appearance from Ashley Banjo. A number of food items – from pomegranate seeds to Brussels sprouts – were given the TV judging panel treatment, with impersonators including mini-Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzingers. 2 […]

Rishi Sunak summons NHS bosses for crisis talks as worst ever figures for ambulance handovers of sick patients revealed

[ad_1] RISHI Sunak has summoned NHS chiefs for crisis talks today amid the worst ever waits for ambulance patients to be handed to A&E. The PM called a rare Saturday summit to thrash out easing strains on the buckling NHS. Several hospitals have declared critical incidents. 2 Ambulance handover delay reached a new high last […]

Patients with severe illnesses will not get treatment as NHS misses targets for clearing Covid backlog

[ad_1] HOSPITALS will miss targets for clearing the Covid backlog due to staff shortages, NHS bosses warn. Some 98 per cent of managers say crippling job vacancies mean patients will suffer even longer, a poll shows. 1 Patients with severe illnesses will not get treatment as the NHS has missed targets for clearing the Covid […]