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Report Points To Worrisome Implications For The Caribbean

[ad_1] By NAN Business Editor News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. March 4, 2022: Exclusion from global finance through the withdrawal of CBRs (Corresponding Banking Relationships), has worrisome implications for the Caribbean as does the effects of de-risking. That’s according to a new report, ‘Financial De-Risking In The Caribbean: The US Implications And What Needs […]

Access To Business Financing In The Caribbean: 2022 Report

[ad_1] News Americas, NEW YORK, NY,  The economies of many Caribbean countries are struggling during this long tail end of the pandemic. Economic crashes were inevitable the moment countries had to go into lockdown, and they occurred around the world. However, while wealthy countries have mostly recovered (and some are doing better than ever), poorer […]

The Russia/Ukraine conflict and Caribbean food security

[ad_1] With several Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries now having openly admitted that the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will impact – to an extent that is still unclear – on the food security of the region, the question arises once again as to whether the region, as a whole, does not continue to ‘play […]

Exxon faces new pressure over dealings with Russia’s Rosneft

[ad_1] Russia’s attack on Ukraine has unleashed broad economic and political rebukes and corporate withdrawals by banks, technology and other firms unprecedented in their extent. BP on Sunday said it would take a $25 billion writedown to abandon its Rosneft holdings.  Exxon holds a 30% stake, alongside Rosneft, Japan’s SODECO and India’s ONGC Videsh, in […]

Russia/Ukraine conflict further threatens precarious global food security – World Bank

[ad_1] What had already been a tenuous global food security circumstance prior to the onset of the Russia/Ukraine conflict is likely to grow worse and poor countries in the western hemisphere that had been facing food shortages long prior to the outbreak of the hostilities are now likely to be thrown into “the eye of […]

Biden administration’s talks with Maduro gets bipartisan ‘thumbs down’ in Washington

[ad_1] More than either Washington or Caracas might have expected may have materialised out of the recent visit to Venezuela by a delegation of US officials, ostensibly to seek the release from custody of a handful of US oil officials and military personnel. It had been three years since the US severed relations with Venezuela  […]

Venezuela pressing to regain place as front runner among oil exporters

[ad_1] Reports that Venezuela’s oil sector appears to be seeking an unlikely near-term recovery, in the face of sustained efforts by the United States to further squeeze the Maduro administration through an embargo that restricts oil exports are beginning to appear increasingly credible, according to reports in the international oil and gas media.  Up to […]

St. Lucia, Barbados ‘parade’ overseas breadfruit market openings

[ad_1] At a time when Caribbean food security has again surfaced as one of the more urgent concerns on the regional agenda, there are signs that part of the solution to this challenge reposes in taking a closer look at the fruits and vegetables grown in most territories in the region as at least a […]

Local consultants to deliver Emergency Response Training for Aurora Gold Mines employees

[ad_1] With considerations of occupational health and safety becoming increasingly critical across the sectors in a transforming Guyana socio-economic environment, Global People’s Services & Management Consultants Inc (GPSM)  will be delivering an eight-day Emergency Response Training Programme for employees of Aurora Gold Mines Ltd. from March 23-31, 2022.  Managing Director of GPSM Peter Benny told […]

Guyana, Suriname business groups ink agreement on joint ventures, business development

[ad_1] As markedly ramped up bilateral ties between Guyana and   Suriname arising out of their new-found oil resources unfold, relations at the level of the private sector on both sides would also appear to be growing.   On February 28 a Memorandum Of Cooperation, Business Development and Investment Promotion was signed two entities from the respective […]