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Don’t just be generous, be smart: Experts recommend a thought-out strategy for charitable donations

Charitable giving can mean many different things for Canadians, whether it’s supporting organizations through donations or by volunteering time. Often we think of giving as a one-time donation to causes we care about, and at the end of the year many Canadians also donate to take advantage of a tax deduction. But as we enter […]

Have your say: Have you challenged your severance package and received more?

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I’ve just been laid off. Do I have to accept the severance package, or can I get more?

I’ve just been laid off. Do I have to accept the severance package, or can I get more? | The Star “,”heading”:””,”fullWindow”:false,”fullBleed”:false,”showFullBleedOnMobile”:false,”headColor”:””,”type”:”html5mobile”,”textColor”:””,”mobileImageUrl”:””,”bgColor”:””,”imageUrl”:””,”registeredOnly”:false,”linkUrl”:””,”aodaTitle”:”Jobs gained, jobs lost in November”,”internalScroll”:false,”displayStyle”:”small-up”},{“text”:”“I often say to my client that an employer’s first offer is rarely anywhere close to their best,” she explains. “,”type”:”text”,”isParagraph”:true,”isHeading”:false},{“text”:”“My advice is to take it to a lawyer […]

Planning to cash in on your home to help fund retirement? Here’s how to do it right

It’s a common question financial advisers get asked: Should I cash in my property to help support my financial needs in retirement? Experts say it all depends on how much you spend and how much you have saved. “It’s a very common question and one I’m seeing daily in my practice,” said Ian Calvert, vice-president […]

My mortgage payments have shot up by more than $1,000. How do I handle much higher monthly bills?

During the height of the real estate frenzy during the pandemic Briand Melanson felt like superman. The variable rate mortgage on his primary and investment properties reached historic lows of 1.5 per cent. The monthly payment for his primary residence sat at around $730 (he bought it in the 2010) and his rental property payments […]

Nathan, 31, is a party animal with a spending problem. How can he tackle his $10,000 debt?

Nathan has a spending problem. The 31-year-old ad agency co-ordinator earns $52,000 a year, and his love for partying and going out has put him $10,000 in credit card debt. “After being cooped up in the pandemic I just want to let off some steam,” Nathan says. “Everything is stressful, everything is expensive. Work is […]

‘Pre-loved doesn’t mean second-best’: Young Canadians thrift holiday gifts

MONTREAL – Marissa Myers has been shopping almost exclusively at second-hand stores for the past three years. The 24-year-old sales associate at a non-profit consignment store in Calgary grew up shopping second-hand and is a self-proclaimed “avid thrifter.” “There’s absolutely no way that I can justify shopping new and retail when there’s already so many […]