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Ida, 33, was laid off and moved back home, but is still paying rent on a downtown condo. She wants to relocate to Quebec. Can she do it?

Millennial Money is a weekly submission-based series that provides financial advice to millennials in the GTA. Read the full series here. For 33-year-old Ida, this pandemic year has been a complete whirlwind. First she was permanently laid off from her job as a designer, then she survived off CERB, and now she’s receiving $1,800 a […]

No wonder conspiracy theories are suddenly everywhere — our social media platforms reward inflammatory content

It began innocently enough. An old high school friend began posting cryptic messages to Facebook — that something big was about to happen, and that we should look to the skies. Then it started to get stranger and more disturbing: first that Bill Gates was lying about something, then that the pandemic was a hoax. […]

During the pandemic I’ve become addicted to Amazon — but it’s time to give it up, and deliver a better world

Recently, in these seemingly interminable days of the pandemic, whenever a package has arrived at my doorstep from Amazon, I scurry outside to the porch and whisk it inside, glancing around to make sure the neighbours haven’t seen. I know I shouldn’t be ordering things from Amazon. I know that workers at Amazon’s warehouses are […]

Strategize when ordering meal kits for one, families, picky eaters and special diets

TORONTO – For Jason Kucherawy, dinnertime requires serious organization. The Toronto tour company owner will try anything, his wife mostly sticks with a vegetarian diet but will eat chicken and their kids’ tastes are anyone’s guess. “I always have a backup plan: a pot of macaroni and cheese on the stove,” said Kucherawy. But before […]