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Childhood Colds Do Not Prevent Coronavirus Infection, Study Finds

The theory was simple and compelling: Children are less vulnerable to the new coronavirus because they carry antibodies to other common coronaviruses that cause the common cold. The idea might also explain why some people infected with the new virus have mild symptoms while others — presumably without antibodies to common cold coronaviruses — are […]

In Our Pandemic Isolation, Every Death Is a Covid Death

Weeks ago, we entered a new phase in our friendship during her home hospice. Here, life and death are not linear. They overlap, they share space, they cede ground to one another, moment by moment. “Living” is very different when that living is an active dying. It is breath labored and slowed, lost words, a […]

We Asked 175 Pediatric Disease Experts if It Was Safe Enough to Open School

Many of the common preconditions to opening schools — including vaccines for teachers or students, and low rates of infection in the community — are not necessary to safely teach children in person, a consensus of pediatric infectious disease experts said in a new survey. Instead, the 175 experts — mostly pediatricians focused on public […]