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Received a spam text recently? Here’s what you should know – National

Opening your phone to a text from the government of Canada saying they’ll be sending you hundreds of dollars probably sounds a little too good to be true and, frankly, it is. Besides getting frequent spam calls at her home, Elizabeth Venditti from Ontario, received a text like this last Sunday from a random number, […]

Freezing ‘freedom convoy’ crypto possible, but faces roadblocks, experts say – National

When the so-called “freedom convoy” pivoted to Bitcoin and other digital assets as a source of funds when traditional channels were cut off, Canadian authorities ratcheted up attempts to police the cryptocurrency space. Now, with the convoy’s blockades cleared and some of those financial pressures relaxing, continuing efforts to recoup crypto from organizers are facing […]

Top climate change deniers posts weren’t labelled on Facebook, report says – National

Facebook did not add labels to half of posts pushing content from top climate change deniers, according to an analysis from the Center for Countering Digital Hate. The research, released on Wednesday, also follows news that lawyers for Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen have filed a new complaint with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this month claiming the company misled investors about its efforts to tackle climate change and COVID-19 misinformation. Facebook, now known […]